Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burghill

Burghill, Herefordshire

Repair and Restoration – the church tower


The Tower of Burghill Church

Following as ingress of water through the tower roof leading to some structural damage within the tower and a further report by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and Church Architects our church is faced with repairs and restoration to the building which we have been advised will cost approximately £220.000 and consequently we are not only fundraising ourselves but we are applying for grants. Fortunately we have very experienced help in these matters and are all hopeful that we will be successful in obtaining a proportion of the money required from this source.

The tower bells have not been rung since  November 2016 and we will not be able to ring them until the tower is repaired. Many people have commented on their absence. Please help us to restore our lovely church so that it remains structurally sound for many years to come and we can hear the bells ring out again.

Over the last 2 months a Parochial Church Council subcommittee has been working very hard to establish the best possible way to plan the Repair and Restoration of the Church and the re-ordering of the building to make it accessible to all with upgraded facilities and a community area. This very large project has been divided into 3 phases in order to speed up completion of the most urgent work. This entails re-roofing the tower to make it wind and waterproof and repairing the stone structures within the tower which will enable tower bell ringing to start again. A recent site visit by our architect and representatives from the Diocese has confirmed that the tower repairs are indeed urgent as the temporary repairs put in place in January 2017 will not last much longer.

We have been applying for a number of grants for this work but there is no guarantee that we will be successful as competition for funds is fierce. We have already raised over £22,000 through generous donations plus a £2,200 grant from All churches Trust but we need to do a lot more fundraising and you will notice several fund raising efforts over the next few months.

St Mary the Virgin church in Burghill belongs to the whole community. Even if you never enter the church or only go there for weddings and funerals, this church is your church and is a beautiful ancient building with centuries of history. It is up to all of us to treasure it and help to preserve it.

 Please contact Liz Donovan,760881.