Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burghill

Burghill, Herefordshire



Burghill Church WINTER QUIZ: the result

And the winner is……..Ann Wallace of Burghill, who received the £20 prize.

As there were typing errors in 2 questions (29 and 37) the quiz was marked out of 48 instead of 50. No-one got full marks.

3 people tied with 47 marks: Ann Wallace and Joanna Helme from Burghill and Mary Eardley from Norfolk. Ann’s name was drawn out at the coffee morning in church on February 6th.

Thank you to everyone who joined in, and thanks to Cynthia and Colin Crocker from St Andrew’s Church, Devizes, Wiltshire, who allowed us to use their quiz. £123 was raised for church funds.                                               Paul & Mary Hilder

WINTER QUIZ 2019                   All proceeds to St Mary’s Church Burghill, Herefordshire


1 EXAMPLE: She has joined a vocal group (5.7) Carol Singers
2 Wrap up those porkers!  (4.2.8) Pigs in Blankets
3 Fog returns the French digit (9) Mistletoe
4 Sacred with fifty enclosed (5) Holly
5 Half a table tennis ball encloses a confused failure (7) Pudding
6 Knock out and turn around (4) Nuts
7 Welcoming a pack of them (8.5) Greeting Cards
8 Decorative weak links (5.6) Paper Chains
9 For hands that are softer and to brighten things up? (5.6) Fairy Lights
10 Make music with the clock partly helping inside (8) Stocking
11 Christmas excesses? (9) Trimmings
12 Run back, you rodents! (4) Star
13 Lily got suede (anag) (8.4) Yuletide Logs
14 They call us to service (6.5) Church Bells
15 Accompanies bell and book (6) Candle
16 Blue BA (anag) (6) Bauble
17 Shortened Elizabeth and the French border (9) Bethlehem
18 Divine messenger (5) Angel
19 Look out! It’s that caring Monarch.  (4.4.9) Good King Wenceslas
20 His hood may be dark but he has a colourful front (5.9) Robin Redbreast
21 The ottoman empire (6) Turkey
22 German directions (4) Snow
23 Cinderella’s deadline to join the crowds (8.4) Midnight Mass
24 Are they mad, or what? Pull the other one! (8) Crackers
25 What St George intended to do to the dragon, we hear (6) Sleigh
26 Is he an unintentional chimney sweep? (5.5) Santa Claus
27 Were they dispatched in advance? (8) Presents
28 Was he in the air with Aled Jones (7) Snowman
29 Teachers trims (anag.)  (9.4) Christmas Tree
30 Sounds like precipitation, love (8) Reindeer
31 A concoction of five eels? (5) Elves
32 Carreras’s local (6) Joseph
33 This character learned a lesson about Christmas tenses (7) Scrooge
34 Out of breath with nothing to copy (9) Pantomime
35 Hush! It’s the time of darkness! (6.5) Silent Night
36 To consume on the other side of the channel (6) Manger
37 Watch sled elk (anag.) (4,3.5) Deck the Halls
38 Royal offerings ( Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
39 Desire a dog treat (8) Wishbone
40 Were they washing their socks?  (9) Shepherds
41 The hot delights of Johnny Morris (9) Chestnuts
42 Curbs any career (anag) (9.5) Cranberry Sauce
43 Secure dwelling (6) Stable
44 St. Clements’s cry (7.3.6) Oranges and Lemons
45 Romantic meetings (5) Dates
46 Festive bloomers (9.5) Christmas Roses
47 They were blue, red & yellow. Now add green, purple & more (7) Parties
48 Holy birth drama (8.4) Nativity Play
49 Spice mine (anag) (5.4) Mince Pies
50 Choral welcome at Christmas ( O Come all ye Faithful