Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Burghill

Burghill, Herefordshire

Vicar’s page


My name is Phill Brown and I am the Rector designate of the newly forged Benefice of Burghill. I am married to Sharron and we have four children, a girl and three boys. I enjoy reading, watching movies and walking my dog. Since being ordained as a Deacon in 2008 and to the Priesthood in 2009, I have obtained a B.Th Degree in Theology from the University of Wales Lampeter as well as a MA in Systematic & Philosophical Theology from the University of Nottingham. I am currently awaiting my Viva for my Ph.D on the Theology of St Augustine of Hippo, at the University of Nottingham with Prof Thomas O’Loughlin. My Doctoral research is focused on Augustine’s notion of friendship and Christian doctrine. My research centres upon his theology of friendship in his commentary of John’s gospel. I am also interested in the role of Greek and Latin philosophy in the formation of doctrine (what we believe and why), Particularly in the period of the early Church. I also enjoy the classics, Greek and Latin and have been known to make Icons. You can find one of mine in the Church.